OF COURSE: DOJ Says They Have No Footage Of Navarro Arrest – After Navarro Asks For Recordings To Be Released

Transparency is a bad thing for the Deep State.

Peter Navarro called for the release of all recordings and documents pertaining to his arrest by the FBI.

From The Washington Times:

Former Trump adviser Peter Navarro is calling for the release of audio and video recordings and documents pertaining to his arrest after being indicted on criminal contempt charges last week.

Mr. Navarro said the public release of the material is needed to set the record straight after federal prosecutors accused Mr. Navarro of making “false” claims about being denied adequate legal counsel after being detained at Reagan National Airport.

The DOJ responded by saying they have no video of the arrest.


It is important to point out Navarro has said he was not read his Miranda rights and that he was not allowed to contact an attorney.

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