OF COURSE: CNN Reports Some Members Of Pence’s Inner Circle Might Be Cooperating With Sham Jan 6th Committee

The sham Jan 6th committee continues to be used to shut down dissent.

The committee is sending out subpoenas to Trump allies as a way to stop them from exposing the Biden administration.

It also has been used as a way to shut down any conversation about the 2020 election steal.

Now, we have this. 

CNN is reporting that some members of Vice President Mike Pence’s inner circle are going to cooperate with the sham Jan 6th committee.

From CNN:

Multiple sources tell CNN that some individuals close to Pence may be willing, either voluntarily or under the guise of a “friendly subpoena,” to provide critical information on how Trump and his allies tried to pressure the former vice president to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

According to sources familiar with the discussions, some Pence aides are proving more willing to engage with the committee than previously made public.

Chairman Bennie Thompson confirmed to CNN last week the committee was in the process of reaching out to Pence associates but said their efforts had been met with mixed success.
“Well, yes and no,” Thompson replied when asked if Pence associates had been cooperative. “I don’t want to just say yes, when there have been some people who clearly have said no. So we’ve had, you know, people on both sides.”

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