“Newsom Is In Trouble”–Former Governor Who Faced Recall Issues Warning To Gavin Newsom

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Back in 2012, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker survived a recall election.

From NPR:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, just the third governor in U.S. history to face a recall effort, is now the first to successfully defeat such an attempt. The Associated Press projected that Walker would defeat Milwaukee’s Democratic Mayor Tom Barrett in what was a rematch of the 2010 gubernatorial election.

Now, he has a warning for Newsom.

He says that he is in trouble.

From The Washington Times:

Gavin Newsom is in trouble.

Democrats hold a nearly two-to-one advantage in voter registration in California. Governor Newsom has the power of incumbency. In the General Assembly, 59 of the 80 seats are held by Democrats. In the state Senate, 31 of the 40 seats are held by Democrats. A Republican has not won a statewide race for the United States Senate in more than 30 years. Yet, Newsom is facing a tight recall election coming up on September 14.

Most pundits thought recall organizers would never get the required signatures. Then they assumed the signatures would get thrown out. Then they predicted the huge margins for Democrats would ensure a blowout for Governor Newsom. Two weeks out, however, and this is a close race.

We reported yesterday, that Newsom is panicking.

Jack Posobiec: Newsom Calling White House In A Panic–Sounds Scared

Newsom’s leading challenger, Larry Elder, promised to combat voter fraud.

Larry Elder Urges Supporters To Report “Suspicious” Events During Recall Election

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