Newsmax WH Correspondent Confronts Psaki Over Vax Mandates–She Runs

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The Biden Administration just runs from tough questions. 

Earlier today, The Biden Administration announced that Biden will be signing an executive order mandating COVID vaccines for federal workers.

From Epoch Times:

President Joe Biden’s newest executive order will mandate federal workers get a COVID-19 vaccine, the White House announced Thursday.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed the order while speaking to reporters in Washington.

The mandate will have “limited exceptions for legally recognized reasons such as disability or religious objections,” she said.

“How this will work is the task force, the interagency task force will provide a ramp-up period, and we expect federal employees will have about 75 days to be fully vaccinated. That gives people more than enough time in our view to start and complete their vaccination series,” she continued.

“If a federal worker fails to comply, they will go through the standard [human resources] process, which includes counseling, and face disciplinary action, face progressive disciplinary action. Each agency is going to work with employees to make sure they understand the benefits of vaccination, and how the vaccines are free, easy, and widely accessible. But it will start to be applied once the executive order is signed.”

Newsmax White House Correspondent Emerald Robinson confronted White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki over the vaccine mandate.

She asked why this administration didn’t believe in “my body my choice” when it comes to getting vaccinated.

She also pointed that Biden had previously stated he would not demand vaccine mandates.

Psaki fled.

Psaki said during the press conference that the Biden administration might go as far as to use the Department of Labor to compel major employers to institute vaccine mandates.

Back in December of 2020, Biden said he would not demand vaccine mandates.

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