Georgia: New Report Claims Election Workers “Purposefully” Placed “Fraudulent Ballots” In Final Totals

Georgia state senator William T. Ligon released a report which exposed fraud that took place took during the 2020 election in Georgia.

It is a bombshell.

I encourage everyone to read the full report as well as the slight breakdown we will give you here. (Click Here)

Here are the key findings:

-The 2020 election in Georgia was fraudulent and can’t be trusted

-The Secretary of State and the State Elections Board failed to enforce the law as written in the Georgia Code. They created policies that contravened with Georgia State law.

-The Secretary of State failed to have a transparent process for the verification of signatures for absentee ballots. This wasn’t only on election day but also during the subsequent recount and audit. 

-The Secretary of State instituted an unconstitutional gag order which blocked poll monitors from using photography or video recording devices during the recount.

-Systematic failure to maintain a proper chain of custody for these ballots, both prior to and after voting and throughout the recount.

-Hostile behavior of workers toward citizen volunteer monitors during the recount process was not stopped by election officials 

-“Appears to be coordinated illegal activities by election workers themselves who purposely placed fraudulent ballots into the final election totals”

-Private grants exerted influence over the election process

-Oral and written testimony “provided ample evidence” that the 2020 Georgia General Election was compromised

-The 2020 Georgia General Election should not be certified

There is more so read the full report. These are the major things in my opinion but for me to put everyone on here would basically be just copying the full report.

So, what does this tell us?

The bottom line is that this election was fraudulent. Everything that the Trump lawyers were saying about it has become true.

Don’t let them lie to you.

It is important to note that this still needs to be formally approved by the subcommittee. It is unclear if that will happen. All we know is that testimony and video footage back up what was said in this report.

This report by the Subcommittee Chair has not been formally approved by the Subcommittee
or the standing Judiciary Committee. It is submitted for informational purposes to be a part of
the record at the request of the Judiciary Chair. It is a summary of testimony given in person
and by affidavit. For more information, please refer to the video record of the hearing and the
affidavits submitted.

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