New Poll Gives Bad News To Dems – “Out Of Touch” With Everyday Americans

  • New Schoen-Cooperman research found Biden’s approval is only at 45%(MSM poll and still low)
  • The poll also found that 61% of Americans view the Democrats and Biden as “Out of Touch” with hard-working Americans
  • 54% want Biden to move his agenda more towards the middle 

The Democrats’ polling issues are not getting any better.

A new poll found that they are viewed as “out of touch” and too far-left.

From The Hill:

The Democratic Party is perceived by voters as being both ineffective and out-of-touch, and as a result, stands to suffer substantive seat losses in the midterm elections, new polling by Schoen-Cooperman research indicates.

Indeed, the findings of our survey — which was conducted among likely 2022 midterm election voters — show that the electorate is increasingly pessimistic about the direction in which President Biden and Democrats are steering the country, and feel that the party’s priorities do not align with their own.

In order to have a fighting chance in the midterms — as well as a shot at holding onto the presidency in 2024 — Democrats need to embark on a broader course correction back to the center. The party needs to show voters that they are focused on solving problems and addressing quality-of-life issues and that they reject the progressive-left’s embrace of big government spending and identity politics.

Indeed, a majority of voters (54 percent) — including 56 percent of Independents — explicitly say that they want President Biden and Democrats to move closer to the center and embrace more moderate policies, versus embracing more liberal policies (18 percent) or staying where they are politically (13 percent).

Most voters (61 percent) also agree that President Biden and Democrats are “out of touch with hardworking Americans,” and “have been so focused on catering to the far-left wing of the party that they’re ignoring Americans’ day to day concerns” such as “rising prices” and “combatting violent crime.”

That wasn’t the only bad news for Biden.

The poll found his approval at 45%.

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