New Jersey Governor Tells Americans To Wear A Mask If They Help Their Neighbors Shovel Snow

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The party of science?

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy made sure to let Americans know to wear a mask if they help their neighbors shovel.


Outdoor spread is rare, folks. I’d challenge Phil to identify a single case of transmission linked to neighbors shoveling or working in their yards.

Spoiler alert: he’d come up empty. It’s not a thing!

I’d argue this advice isn’t just overkill and stupid, but it’s also dangerously stupid. You don’t need to be a doctor or a scientist to appreciate why. No one is going to catch COVID-19 and die this year from shoveling their elderly neighbor’s snow, but some people will sadly suffer cardiac events from shoveling slushy, heavy snow on their sidewalks. It’s hard enough to breathe when you’re moving the white stuff and sucking in cold air; adding a tight-fitting mask to the mix is likely a really, really bad idea for anyone who is already at high risk from this sort of unusual strenuous physical activity.


My issue with this tweet is that he says “wear a mask”.

Anyone who really cares would tell you to wear two or three masks! (kidding)

In all seriousness though. I want to see the science that backs up Murphy’s demands.

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