Nevada’s Largest County Forced To Throw Out Local Race Results Due To “Voter Discrepancies”

Nevada’s Largest County was forced to throw out the results of a local race due to “voter discrepancies”.

Just The News:

Several discrepancies were found in the election in Nevada’s largest metropolis earlier this month, causing Clark County officials on Monday to throw out one county commissioner’s race that had finished with a razor-thin margin.

A special election will be held next month for that single seat as officials acknowledged the discrepancies they uncovered highlighted problems with their current system.  

“We have found discrepancies that we can’t explain that would cast a doubt on whether or not that margin of victory is solid,” Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria said referring to the District C race.

In his report Monday to county commissioners. Gloria revealed that in nearly 1,000 ballots “they had found the discrepancies in tracking, moving from signature to manual signature verifications, as well as in the ballot curing process. Some of the discrepancies found in the early voting and election day results included: 

  • Inadvertent canceled votes 
  • Voter check-ins 
  • Reactivated voter cards 
  • Duplicate activations
  • Check-in errors”

In addition, Gloria noted there were 60,109 provisional ballots cast in the election, of which 2,243 were rejected. He cited the following reasons for rejections:

  • 115 voters had already voted 
  • 142 voted in wrong district or wrong precincts 
  • 8 were not eligible to vote 
  • 1,925 were not registered to vote

Remember this when they tell you that voter fraud can’t change election results. Shouldn’t this be enough to question results all across the country? The same issues found here in Nevada have been found in Swing States all across America.

President Trump made Nevada a competitive state due to his popularity. The Trump Team has called out the issues that took place statewide in Nevada.

According to the Trump Team, they have not been able to verify over 600,000 Mail-In ballots in Nevada.

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