Network News Buries Historic Trump Peace Deal

An Op-Ed from Deroy Murdock published on Fox News outlined the Network News blackout of President Trump’s Middle eastern peace deal.

Fox News:

At least as defined by the Big Three network evening news programs, this development deserved no attention whatsoever. ABC’s World News Tonight, The CBS Evening News, and NBC Nightly News each devoted zero minutes and zero seconds to this story.

Amid all the other headlines, perhaps they could not shoehorn even a mention of this foreign-affairs victory for President Trump.


As the Media Research Center reports, ABC spent 2:10 on Gordon Wayne, a teenager who walked 550 miles from Caroline County, Virginia to Boston College in Newton, Mass., to raise money for the homeless. CBS dedicated 2:25 for Steve Hartman’s “On the Road” dispatch about a Georgia woman who sets out mini-meals of human food to nourish local chipmunks. NBC focused for 1:10 on a Texas sheriff’s deputy who resuscitated a 20-day-old baby who stopped breathing — all captured on his official body camera.

Now, there is a reason Network News didn’t put this in its primetime spot. That is because if they report things like this then all of their other narratives fall apart. Their entire case against President Trump is that he is just some fool who can do nothing right. They tell us that he is a threat to not only the United States but the world. Reporting things like this completely debunks that. Reporting something like this shows us that President Trump is actually an expert deal maker and keeping his promises to the American people.

Don’t let them fool you. This is far more than just the Mainstream Media doesn’t like Trump. They know that if they let the truth get out he might just get re-elected.

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