Neo-Cons Push For More Action Against Russia-Issues Threats That Include Use Of Nukes

Two GOP Senators are now pushing for Biden to mobilize additional military assistance to take on Russia.

One of the threats included nuclear action as a deterrent.

From Newsweek:

Following a Tuesday video call between President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin about tensions over Russian troops along the country’s border with Ukraine, GOP Senators Roger Wicker and Jim Inhofe are encouraging Biden to mobilize additional military assistance to Ukraine and warn Russia, including threats as severe as nuclear weapons.

The two presidents reportedly discussed the situation at the border, as Biden warned Putin of potential measures, both military and economic, that the U.S. is prepared to take if Russia continues with the perceived hostile actions toward Ukraine, or actually invades the country.

Wicker, of Mississippi, speaking to Fox News’ Neil Cavuto hours after the call, said he feels Biden should be prepared for any outcome, and would not rule out the U.S. taking more aggressive steps to warn Russia.

“I’ll tell you this, Neil,” Wicker said. “I would not rule out military action. I think we start making a mistake when we take options off the table. So I would hope the president keeps that option on the table.”

Wicker later specified military action could mean anything from an increased number of uniformed troops on the ground in Ukraine to even the possibility of threatening nuclear action as a potential deterrent.

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