NBA Game 5 Ratings Down Big From 2019

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The NBA continues its rating struggle. 

Game 5 of the NBA finals was down 50% since 2019.

From Breitbart:

So far, the 2021 NBA finals are off by millions of viewers per game compared to 2019 (2020 being set aside because of the pandemic).

Before Game 5, the lowest-rated game of the series was Game 1, which lost 5 million viewers from 2019. However, Game 5 now tops that with nine million fewer fans. Both Game 2 and Game 3 were down more than 30 percent over 2019.

SportsMediaWatch recently revealed the stark numbers:

2019 Finals:

Game 1: 13.5 million

Game 2: 14.1 million

Game 3: 13.44 million

Game 4: 13.2 million

Game 5: 18.3 million

2021 Finals:

Game 1: 8.6 million

Game 2: 9.4 million

Game 3: 9 million

Game 4: 10.3 million

Game 5 – 9.6 million

It seems that the NBA has lost a lot of fans for good.

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