Navarro: “Fauci Is A Sociopath”

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On March 29th Dr. Fauci attempted to take credit for the COVID vaccine that President Donald Trump got in record time.

Of course, this is a lie.

Dr. Fauci was downplaying the vaccine the entire time.

Now, we have this.

While on the War Room former Trump adviser Peter Navarro blasted Dr. Fauci calling him a sociopath.

He then sent off this tweet:

The points made in this interview are more than hyperbole.

Navarro makes an extremely important point here.

Navarro points out that Fauci will say whatever it takes to make sure he stays in power.

Fauci isn’t flip-flopping because he is dumb. He is flip-flopping because he thinks it helps him politically.

Never forget, this guy is the highest-paid federal employee:

Fauci Is Federal Governments Highest Paid Employee…Makes Over $400K Per Year

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