Mitch McConnell Won’t Rule Out Blocking Biden’s Supreme Court Pick

RINO Mitch McConnell just hinted that he will block any Biden Supreme Court pick.

This could only happen if the GOP retakes the senate in 2022.

From The Guardian:

At the end of a week in which Mitch McConnell refused to rule out blocking a Joe Biden supreme court pick if Republicans take the Senate next year, an expert said the court may have reached a “turning point” regarding public perception of its politicisation and need for reform.

In an interview with Politico, the Senate minority leader was asked if he would “mount a blockade” should a vacancy arise with Republicans holding the Senate and Democrats the White House.

McConnell famously did just that in 2016, when he denied a hearing to Merrick Garland, Barack Obama’s pick to replace the late conservative justice Antonin Scalia. That held open a seat eventually filled by Neil Gorsuch, the first of three conservatives installed under Donald Trump.

“Cross those bridges when I get there, we are focusing on 22,” McConnell told Politico, referring to the midterm elections in a variation on a theme with which he has already infuriated liberals, saying it was “highly unlikely” he would let Biden confirm a justice in 2024, the year of the next presidential contest.

Thanks to Mitch McConnell Obama was not able to nominate a Supreme Court Justice at the end of his presidency.

This led to Trump being able to nominate Neil Gorsuch.

The Supreme Court’s approval has hit a stunning new low according to a new Gallup poll.

From Conservative Brief: 

New Gallup poll reveals the U.S. Supreme Court currently has the lowest approval rating among Americans in more than 20 years of surveys conducted by the company.

“Americans’ opinions of the U.S. Supreme Court have worsened, with 40%, down from 49% in July, saying they approve of the job the high court is doing. This represents, by two percentage points, a new low in Gallup’s trend, which dates back to 2000. The poll was conducted shortly after the Supreme Court declined to block a controversial Texas abortion law. In August, the court similarly allowed college vaccine mandates to proceed and rejected a Biden administration attempt to extend a federal moratorium on evictions during the pandemic,” Gallup reported.

For comparison, a Gallup poll at the same time last year found that 58% of Americans approved of the Supreme Court.

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