Missouri Republican Lawmakers Call For Rush Limbaugh Day In Missouri

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Good news.

A group of Republican lawmakers are now calling for a “Rush Limbaugh Day” in Missouri.

Rush Limbaugh was born in Missouri.

From Saint Louis Dispatch:

A group of Republican lawmakers wants to make “Rush Limbaugh Day” an annual celebration in Missouri.

Limbaugh, 70, a right-wing radio host from Cape Girardeau who gained national fame, died Wednesday after a battle with cancer.

Legislation introduced Friday by Rep. Hardy Billington, R-Poplar Bluff, would designate each Jan. 12, Limbaugh’s birthday, as “Rush Limbaugh Day” in Missouri.

“Citizens of this state are encouraged to celebrate the day by participating in appropriate events and activities to remember the life of the famous Missourian and groundbreaking radio host,” the legislation says.

Billington, in an interview Friday, pushed back against the suggestion that Rush Limbaugh Day would be a state holiday, saying state holidays include a paid day off from work.

“He gave you hope,” Billington said. “He’s just a great voice. He loved the people of Missouri. And see I want him to be remembered, not today, or tomorrow, but for many, many years.”

Rush Limbaugh was an American hero.

The Mainstream Media and the left want to paint him as the worst person in the world.

They bring up out-of-context clips to attack and smear him.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

Let’s hope this day passes!

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