Mail-In Ballots Are At The Center Of Election Integrity Battle

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Is the GOP is finally taking on the widespread use of mail-in ballots?

*Don’t pay attention to the liberal bias*

From ABC News:

After a record number of Americans chose to cast their ballot by mail in 2020, Republican-led states and Democrat federal lawmakers are fighting a pitched battle over the rules governing the future of voting in the United States — with special attention on whether voters will still be permitted to send their ballots through the mail.


At the heart of the fight is the widespread use of mail-in ballots. Voting by mail has been pushed by advocates for years, but the practice exploded in 2020 as a way to address the challenges of holding elections during the global coronavirus pandemic. Then-President Donald Trump seized on the practice — both before and after his defeat — to push unsupported claims that mail-in ballots are subject to greater risk of fraud, something experts have refuted.

Since January, more than 250 bills that would restrict access to voting have been introduced in 43 statehouses, according to Brennan Center for Justice officials. The “biggest chunk” of these proposals would “limit who can vote by mail and how easy it is to vote by mail,” said Eliza Sweren-Becker, counsel in the Brennan Center’s Democracy Program.

We have reported on many of these efforts by the GOP since January.

One thing I will point out is what the left is now saying about the GOP’s efforts to rid our election system of areas that could be exploited.

They told us during the election that the concerns of Republican voters weren’t valid because these safety measures were already in place. If that was the case then why are they against these measures? All the GOP is trying to do is make it so our system isn’t open to widespread fraud in our elections. We know lack of signature verification, backdating of ballots, and massive ballot dumps were cited in sworn affidavits as places where fraud took place. The fact the left and the Mainstream Media are against these measures proves that these measures were not in place during the 2020 election.

None of these laws stop anyone from voting. All these laws do is ensure that steps are in place to limit the amount of fraud in our elections. The GOP in every state should be standing up right now and saying we want fair elections.

Let’s hope the GOP means it when they say they will take on voter fraud.

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