Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn Sounds The Alarm, Says Dems Are Going To Try And Disrupt 2022 Midterms With A Financial Collapse


Anyone who is even remotely familiar with economic principles knows that the policies Joe Biden’s handlers are putting in place are designed to crush our financial system and our economy writ large.

You don’t print trillions in U.S. dollars, then dump them into an economy that is suffering a regime-caused supply chain crisis and not expect prices for goods and services to skyrocket, as they have.

And yet, Biden’s handlers continue to double and triple down on those same policies: After passing two multitrillion-dollar spending measures, one for COVID and the other for “infrastructure,” now Biden and Democrats want to spend another $2 trillion on a left-wing wish list of progressive social and climate goodies. It’s insane.

Or is it? Maybe in an ‘evil genius’ kind of way, and we’re not the only ones who believe that.

So does President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser Mike Flynn, who was also the Obama-led deep state’s first Trump administration casualty, having been entrapped into pleading guilty to a lie so that his son didn’t get arrested and prosecuted as well on a phony charge.

In a recent address, Flynn voiced his concern that he believes Democrats are purposely angling to destroy our economy ahead of next year’s midterm elections because they know that right now Republicans are cruising to historic wins and the left desperately wants to remain in power to complete Obama’s ‘fundamental transformation’ of America.

He believes Democrats are manipulating inflation in a way to “gain greater control over society,” according to a report in Neon Nettle.

“I believe that our 2022 national elections are at risk, meaning that, you know,” Flynn continued. “I am not convinced that we are going to have national elections in 2022.”

“The reason why I believe that is because the Left does not want to risk losing to the conservative movement that has clearly grown in the country,” the former national security adviser and three-star Army general in charge of the Defense Intelligence Agency added.

He believes the left seeks to ignite a “controlled financial depression” to collapse the economy.

“What we’re going to see, and this is the plan of the Left, is to basically take over control of the United States of America,” he said. “Get us to a place where we have just staggering financial problems, and so more control by the federal government must be put into place.”

“More controls by the Federal Reserve, more control by the federal government, meaning that we’re going to see more emergency orders from the White House to do certain things.”

“To take dramatic and drastic steps—to put people around the country under control of the federal government more and more and more over the coming year,” he added.

Flynn previously voiced similar concerns about the future of America under Democrats in an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“What I am not surprised at, but I think Americans are surprised at, is the speed they are moving to do exactly what I said, which is to take this country over,” Flynn said. “And we can’t kid ourselves, Tucker. That’s the direction that they are moving.”

“The assault on our freedom of speech, our ability to peaceably protest the right to seek the truth in our elections, systems, and processes.”

“And they don’t want us to be talking about these things,” he added.

“The other big question, the 60,000-foot view, is when does this stop or is it ever going to stop? And I actually don’t see it stopping. I actually think we are going to continuously see this relentless pursuit on what I am going to call our rights from top to bottom,” Flynn continued.

“I actually advise everyone to go read the Bill of Rights because every single one of them is at risk under this particular regime that we are being dominated by. To me, it’s this Republican establishment and these so-called Republican leaders,” he said.

One thing to remember: Flynn ran one of our country’s most significant intelligence agencies, so to assume he doesn’t know what he’s talking about is foolish.

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