Lou Dobbs Blasts SCOTUS After PA Court Ruling

Fox Business Host Lou Dobbs slammed SCOTUS after they rejected the GOP’s bid to overthrow Pennsylvania’s election results.


Lou Dobbs is correct. There is no reason that SCOTUS shouldn’t be ruling on this. Their response had no explanation which many are claiming signals that we might see the Supreme Court duck this entire issue of Voter Fraud in the 2020 election.

The Supreme Court must rule on this. We have seen far too many irregularities in the election results for these things to just be pushed off. If they do end up ruling against President Trump it will be important to at least know why. The same should happen if they rule in favor of President Trump in the end. The American people must know why a ruling was made.

It is important to point out what was actually rejected by the Supreme Court also. The Mainstream Media couldn’t help but push a false narrative about this.

Was this great no? Was it the end? Not even close:

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