Looks Like The Biden Family Forgot A Stocking For One Of The Grandkids–I Wonder Why?

Christmas Decorations are officially up in The White House.

One part of Jill Biden’s decorations are stockings over the fireplace for their grandkids.

6 stockings can be seen hanging with the names of Biden’s grandkids on them.

Here is the video:

There is just one issue, Biden has 7 grandkids.

It is not clear what child was left off the list.

However, it seems the grandkid that would be the most likely to be left off is the stripper Hunter Biden impregnated.

From CNBC:

Hunter Biden, the son of leading Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden, has agreed to pay an undisclosed amount of monthly child support to an Arkansas woman who bore him a baby out of wedlock, avoiding a hearing Wednesday that put him at risk of being held in contempt of court.

The support is retroactive to November 2018, three months after the child was born to Lunden Alexis Roberts, according to a judge’s order filed Monday in Independence County Court, Arkansas.

And Biden must pay Roberts, 28, an undisclosed amount for her attorneys’ fees and costs, according to the order.

The amount of child support that Biden must pay could increase — or decrease — in the future, Judge Holly Meyer noted in her order.


DNA proves Hunter Biden father of Arkansas baby

The media doesn’t want to report on this!

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