LOL: RINO Murkowski Won’t Even Say If She Is Running–After Losing Major Endorsement

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Lisa Murkowski’s political career is spiraling out of control.

During an interview with Alaska Landmine Radio, Lisa Murkowski declined to say if she was going to run for re-election.

Now, this does not mean that she won’t be running but the fact she is even hesitating shows the power of the MAGA movement.

From The Hill:

During an interview that aired Friday with Alaska Landmine Radio, Murkowski, a GOP moderate, said that former President Trump has “threatened to do a lot” to his detractors, even those in his own party.

The veteran senator has served in the upper chamber since 2002 but during Friday’s interview would not confirm whether she would run for reelection in 2022. Radio host Jeff Landfield said that the race for her seat in the Senate would be closely watched.

“It will be. I think one of the things that I’ve learned is that none of the races that I’ve been part of have ever really been easy or ordinary. This will probably prove to be much, much along those lines,” Murkowski said. “I know that former President Trump is skeptical about me and the job that I do for Alaska, but I really think that that’s for Alaskans to judge.”

Both Trump and the Alaska GOP have backed her primary opponent:

Trump Endorses Challenger To RINO Murkowski

Alaska GOP Backs RINO Murkowski’s Primary Opponent

At the end of the day, it won’t matter if she runs or not.

She is done.

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