LOL: Colbert’s Ratings Tanked During Segment With CNN’s Stelter

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Even left-wingers can’t stand CNN.

According to Nielsen data, Left-wing comedian Stephen Colbert’s ratings tanked during a segment with CNN’s Brian Stelter.

Stelter went on to discuss Chris Cuomo.

From The Daily Mail:

Ratings show that Stelter’s interview was Stephen Colbert’s least-watched segment of the night, with Nielsen ratings showing the 12:15am to 12:22am segment brought in 1,375,000 viewers and 297,000 in the 25-54 demographic.

This is compared to the average of 1.9million viewers, with 375,000 in the 25-54 demographic, that the show usually sees for the same period on any other night.

Some 2.6million people initially tuned in at the start of the Colbert show. Some likely switched off because they went to bed.

But Nielsen ratings for the show compared to its usual averages suggest that Stelter’s appearance caused many who would have stayed up for the entire program to hit the hay.

Female viewers are tuning out of Cuomo’s show in droves:

Female Viewers Fleeing From CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time”

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