LOL: CNN Host Tries To Justify Censorship

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CNN is a joke.

CNN’s Brian Stelter just went on a rant justifying censorship against Conservatives.

The hilarious thing is that he did this while claiming that his network wasn’t pushing censorship.


Liberal Glenn Greenwald went nuclear on Stelter:

I know many of you might say “why even cover CNN”. I simply had to talk about this story.

CNN is literally pushing and justifying censorship of people that question the official narrative of events.

Isn’t that what reporters are supposed to do? Question official narratives?

It is important to understand what CNN is actually doing here.

It is more than just a right vs left question.

They want to control what is said. They want to control what you know and what you are allowed to say.

Of course, it is lost on no one that CNN is one of the biggest pushers of Fake News. CNN has no ground to stand on when it comes to reporting things correctly.

They spent the last four years embarrassing themselves.

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