Liz Cheney Being Bankrolled By Lincoln Project Donors

We now have more information on why Liz Cheney is siding with Democrats over her own voters.

According to public finance records Liz Cheney is being bankrolled by Lincoln Project donors.

From The Federalist: 

Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney raked in almost $55,000 from the same donors who fund the Lincoln Project, according to a Federalist analysis of public finance records.

After cementing a perpetual feud with former President Donald Trump and Republican voters as a hallmark of her legacy in the lower chamber, Cheney’s goals now seem indistinguishable from those of the super PAC cloaking Democrat attacks as Republican. The shared donor base makes that clear.

According to receipts dated in August by the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Silicon Valley investor Ron Conway, a “top donor” to the Lincoln Project, gave Cheney and related campaign committees $21,600.

Billionaire John Pritzker, who has given at least $100,000 to the Lincoln Project, according to Forbes, also gave Cheney $21,600.

As Cheney faces a competitive primary from Trump-endorsed attorney Harriet Hageman next year, three more prime billionaire donors of the Lincoln Project also jumped in to help fund Cheney’s re-election battle, including Martha Karsh, Stephen Mandel, and Christy Walton. Karsh donated $5,800 in May, while Mandel gave $2,900 and Walton gave $2,800 in March. While FEC receipts show Karsh with a -$2,900 transaction listed with her name, an FEC spokesman told The Federalist the money was merely reallocated to the general election fund, which the records also indicate.

The Lincoln Project was behind the Tiki Torch hoax in Virginia.

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