List Of All Of Trump’s 2022 Endorsements(So Far)

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Here is the list of everyone Trump has endorsed for 2022 so far.

From Newsweek:

Here’s a list of all the endorsements Trump has made so far for the 2022 election cycle.

John Boozman of Arkansas for U.S. Senate

Mo Brooks of Alabama for U.S. Senate

Mike Crapo of Idaho for U.S. Senate

Tim Griffin of Arkansas for attorney general

Sarah Huckabee Sanders of Arkansas for governor

Jody Hice of Georgia for secretary of state

Ron Johnson of Wisconsin for U.S. Senate

John Kennedy of Louisiana for U.S. Senate

Drew McKissick of South Carolina for GOP chairman

Henry McMaster of South Carolina for governor

Max Miller of Ohio for U.S. House

Jerry Moran of Kansas for U.S. Senate

Rand Paul of Kentucky for U.S. Senate

Marco Rubio of Florida for U.S. Senate

Tim Scott of South Carolina for U.S. Senate

David Shafer of Georgia for GOP chairman

More are likely to come.

The ones that really matter are the primary opponents to the RINOs in the GOP.

Trump already has $85 million to take on the GOP establishment.

GREAT: Trump Has Massive Fundraising War Chest…$85 Million To Take On The Establishment

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