LIBERAL UTOPIA: 25 Fires A Day At Homeless Camps In L.A.

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Shocking story out of L.A.

In 2018 there was an average of seven fires per day at homeless encampments in L.A.

Pretty bad right?

Well, it has only gotten worse.

So far in 2021, there is an average of 25 fires per day at L.A. homeless encampments.

From ABC7:

As the homeless crisis continues to grow in the city of Los Angeles, the fire department is responding to an increasing number of fires at encampments.

In 2018, there was an average of seven fires a day at encampments and in 2021, that number has more than tripled to 25. Fires involving the few hundred homeless who live at the Venice Beach boardwalk has been such a problem, the L.A. Fire Department has added a fast-response vehicle on patrol to put fires out before they spread.

“You’ve got an emergency going on down here. If there were wildfires, an earthquake, we would help the people. Instead, we just leave them in the street to fend for themselves,” said Shawn Stern, a 34-year resident of Venice Beach.


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