“Liberal And Illegal Wishlist”- Texas AG Vows To Take On Biden’s Agenda

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton vowed to use all legal means necessary to take on Joe Biden’s radical agenda.

He said this in an OP-ED for Fox News.

From Fox News:

Unlike those lawsuits, which were filed with the goal of trying to prevent the Trump administration from enforcing the rule of law, Texas will use every legal means necessary to force the Biden administration to adhere to the rule of law and will seek to block any executive action or legislation that does not do so.

It is now up to the states to save this country from President Biden’s liberal and illegal wish list and the Office of the Attorney General of Texas stands ready to lead in that mission.

In the OP-ED Paxton highlighted two areas he was already taking on Biden.

He cited his lawsuit against the Biden Administration over his deportation freeze.

He also cited the lawsuit he joined over Biden’s order revoking the Keystone XL pipeline.

Paxton lays out that while Trump was being sued for enforcing the law Biden is basically making his own laws up which is illegal.

Every time Biden signs one of his illegal executive orders every state should sue to halt Biden’s agenda.

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