“Leader Of The Opposition”- Dick Morris Claims Trump Is Ready To Take On Biden’s Agenda

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Here it comes.

Former adviser for Bill Clinton and Donald Trump Dick Morris told Newsmax TV he believes Trump will become “the leader of the opposition”.

From Newsmax:

Former presidential adviser Dick Morris told Newsmax TV on Tuesday that he believes former President Donald Trump will soon pick up as “the leader of the opposition,” offering commentary on a range of issues from the $1.9 trillion so-called COVID relief/stimulus package to teachers’ unions demand for funding to return to in-class teaching.

Morris, a White House adviser to both Bill Clinton and Trump, appeared on “American Agenda” and said he last spoke to Trump on Saturday before the Senate acquitted him in his second impeachment trial. He suggested Trump will not abide by the unwritten tradition of not criticizing successors, a practice Barack Obama did not observe.

“I think that he is now going to pick up where he left off – which is to be the leader of the opposition,” Morris said about Trump. “And I think what you can look forward to now, increasingly, is commentary, not about the election, but about the stuff since then: what [President Joe] Biden is doing, his proposals.

We can only hope.

Republicans are doing almost nothing to stop Biden’s radical agenda.

They do a lot of talking but nothing legislatively or in the courts(besides some rare cases).

Trump needs to light a fire underneath the butts of Republican elected officials.

Call out Biden!

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