Kushner And Ivanka Threatening To Sue Anti-Trump Lincoln Project Over Defamatory Billboard Ad

The lawyers for Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are threatening to sue the anti-Trump Lincoln Project after they put up “defamatory” billboard ads in Times Square attacking them.

The Hill: 

Attorneys for Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner threatened to sue The Lincoln Project, a prominent Republican group opposing the president, for billboards it put up in Times Square in Manhattan. 

The attorneys in a letter to The Lincoln Project complained about one billboard showing Trump, a senior adviser to her father, smiling and gesturing next to figures showing over 33,000 New Yorkers and 221,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus. The lawyers also cited a billboard featuring Kushner, another senior White House adviser, next to body bags and an unrelated 2019 quote from before the pandemic in which he said New Yorkers would “suffer.” 

“I am writing concerning the false, malicious and defamatory ads that the Lincoln Project is displaying on billboards in Times Square,” wrote attorney Mark Kasowitz. “If these billboards are not immediately removed, we will sue you for what will doubtless be enormous compensatory and punitive damages.” 

The Lincoln Project took to Twitter to respond:

The people involved in the Lincoln Project are undoubtedly in the running for the worst people currently in politics. They are seeking to make a ton of money(which they are) by lying about President Trump and others in his adminstration. These people are people who have been kicked out of the Republican party for being failures and are trying to stay afloat for relevance.

President Trump knows all about them and he has exposed them on Twitter:

When Trump wins in Novemeber nobody will look worse then these guys.

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