“Knew The Dossier Was Fake”–Trump Blasts Schiff Over His Pushing Of Phony Dossier

Adam Schiff was one of the biggest pushers of the phony dossier.

During the Russia-Trump Witch Hunt, he went all over Television claiming Trump colluded with Russia and the dossier was not debunked.

He of course was dead wrong.

Schiff was confronted on The View over it.

WOW: Schiff Confronted Over Steele Dossier–Admits Steele Was Lied To

He was then asked if he regrets pushing the phony dossier.

He said he didn’t.

COMPLETE FRAUD: Schiff Doesn’t Regret Pushing Phony Dossier

Now, we have this.

Trump released a statement blasting Schiff.

Trump called for him and the “other scoundrels that also knew” to be “admonished or impeached.”


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