Joe Biden To U.S Troops: “Clap For That, You Stupid Bastards”

Video from 2016 has resurfaced showing Joe Biden telling U.S Troops abroad to “Clap for that, you stupid bastards”.

Will the Atlantic cover this story? They were fine printing a phony story from anonymous sources about President Trump. In Joe Biden’s case, we have him on video saying this.

It is videos like this that really boggle my mind. Joe Biden says things that make you just scratch your head. Did he think this was funny? Did he think that people wouldn’t think he was a complete fool for saying this?

It is really too bad we don’t have a real media in this country. If this was President Trump every news outlet would have it playing 24/7. Of course, since it is Joe Biden only right-wing Media will talk about it.

Hopefully, we have a Trump Ad made showcasing this disrespect from Biden!

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