Joe Biden Can’t Call On Reporters On His Own…Needs His Handlers To Do It

I guess old Joe Biden can’t call on reporters on his own. After finishing up his speech Joe Biden turned to his handlers and said that he didn’t have the list of reporters to call on so they had to.

Of course, the first one the first reporter they called on was the Atlantic’s Edward-Isaac Dovere, who asked about President Trump’s soul(what hard-hitting questions!):

It is truly amazing to me how Joe Biden is being propped up by the Mainstream Media. Everything he does looks old and awkward. Everything he does just proves that Joe Biden is not presidential material.

The Atlantic is the far-left website behind the newest left-wing attack on President Trump claiming that he called our veterans suckers and losers.

Pretty damning stuff right?

If true yes. However, Conservatives on Twitter are questioning whether this should be believed.

Arthur Schwartz has inside knowledge that this story was a Deep State hit.

More from Conservatives on Twitter

Former White House Press Secretary dumped cold water on the story:

Two more eyewitnesses debunk the story:

As well as President Trump:

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