Joe Biden Again Runs From Press…Takes No Questions

After his speech in Wilmington, Deleware Joe Biden once again took no questions from the press.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. It seems almost every time that Joe speaks he refuses to take any questions after it. You might ask why is that. Well, the reasoning of course is that he is scared of the slightest pushback. He is scared of having to answer any real questions that he doesn’t have a scripted answer to. He is also scared that one journalist might do their job. He is scared that one journalist might ask him a tough question that begins to push back on the lies he has told throughout this campaign. Never forget that Joe Biden’s campaign was started on the lie that Trump called Nazis and White supremacists good people.

At one point Biden went 28 days without taking questions from reporters:

Biden also needed his handlers to call on reporters because he didn’t have his list:

Of course, the first one the first reporter they called on was the Atlantic’s Edward-Isaac Dovere, who asked about President Trump’s soul(what hard-hitting questions!):

Reporters have almost given up on even trying to get him to answer questions:

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