Jill Biden Protested At Vaccine Clinic

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A group of Trump supporters protested Jill Biden as she arrived at a vaccine clinic.

Signs read “protect not inject,” “Trump Won” and, “No Shots for Tots.”

From Newsweek:

A small group of Donald Trump supporters and anti-vaccination protesters gathered outside a school in Hawaii on Sunday, when first lady Jill Biden visited to encourage people to get vaccinated.

Biden visited Waipahu High School, where a COVID-19 vaccination clinic is based, on her way back from the Tokyo Olympics.

Around 20 anti-vaccination protesters and supporters of former President Trump gathered at the school, the Star Advertiser reported.

The protesters were wearing T-shirts with phrases including “All Lives Matter” and “Trump won,” the paper reported. There were also two demonstrators that were showing their support for the Cuban protesters.

More from The Daily Mail:

At the vaccine clinic at Waipahu High School in Waipahu, Hawaii, Biden attracted about 20 Trump supporters, a handful who also held anti-vax signs that included ‘Protect Not Inject’ and ‘No Shots for Tots.’

A man shouted loudly as the motorcade rolled in, ‘Go home!’

Here is an image:

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