Jan 6th Rioter: I Am A Dem Who Didn’t Support Trump

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I wonder if the mainstream media will cover this.

One of the men who was arrested on Jan 6th now says he was not a Trump supporter and is a registered Democrat.

The man’s name is Robert Reeder.

Robert Reeder says he was an “accidental tourist.”

From WJLA:

A Maryland man who pleaded guilty to joining the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol says he is a registered Democrat who wasn’t a supporter of former President Donald Trump and found himself at the scene as an “accidental tourist.” Prosecutors counter that he appeared to be proud of his actions that day.

Robert Reeder, 55, took a train to Washington, D.C., to hear Trump’s speech on Jan. 6 because he had “nothing better to do,” his lawyer said in a court filing Wednesday. Reeder made a “spur of the moment decision and regrettable mistake” when he attended the rally and followed a crowd of people to the Capitol after the speech, the attorney wrote.

“Mr. Reeder is not politically active, is not and has never been a member of any right-wing or anti-government or extremist group and has, unfortunately, been publicly grouped with many others (whose) views he abhors,” defense attorney Robert Bonsib wrote.

U.S. District Judge Thomas Hogan is scheduled to sentence Reeder next Wednesday. The seventh Capitol riot defendant to be sentenced, he faces a maximum sentence of six months in prison after pleading guilty to parading, demonstrating or picketing in a Capitol building. Federal prosecutors have recommended two months.

Reeder recorded himself breaching the Capitol twice, videotaped an officer being assaulted and bragged that he “battle(d) the police,” a prosecutor said in a court filing Friday.

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