Jan 6th Panel Member Called Out By Their Own Witness

Well, this is embarrassing! 

Former Judge J. Michael Luttig, an informal advisor to Vice President Mike Pence, was asked to testify in front of the Jan 6th panel. He called out many of their members.

He singled out Rep. Jaime Raskin, a member of the committee.

From Just The News:

A Jan. 6 committee witness on Thursday called out Democrats, specifically naming committee member Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-M.D., for objecting to certifying previous election results.

“We had all seen that in Congress, in 2000, in 2004, in 2016, there had been objections raised to various states, and those had even been debated in 2004,” Jacob told Congress on Thursday. All objections were notably years in which a Republican won the presidential election.

“It was the historical precedent in the years and with the vice presidents that I named, as Congressman Raskin understands well,” he said, specifically calling out the Maryland Democrat who attempted to prevent Trump from becoming president in 2016.

Raskin attempted to challenge Trump’s 2016 win during the Electoral College vote certification in January 2017.

From Real Clear Politics:

Rep. Jaime Raskin, who will serve as the head impeachment manager for the Democrats’ second attempt to remove President Trump from office, also attempted to challenge the count during the Electoral College vote certification in January 2017. Raskin argued that due to a legal technicality, Florida’s slate of electors should be set aside.

Raskin’s attempt did not go as far as the challenge launched by Republican House members in 2021 because his objection was not cosigned by a senator. In 2017, then-Vice President Joe Biden had to shut down Raskin’s challenge.

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