Jan 6th Detainee: I Was Not Allowed To Shave Unless I Got The Vaccine

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More information about the Jan 6th detainees. 

Karl Dresch, a Jan 6th detainee said that he was not allowed to shave unless he took the COVID vaccine.

He said that he did not take the vaccine.

From American Greatness:

A January 6 political prisoner who was recently released from the D.C. jail, said that he was not allowed to shave or get a haircut unless he took the COVID vaccine.

Jerrod Sessler, a congressional candidate from Washington, and his teenage son were shooting a video outside the “Deplorable Jail” about the Jan. 6 political prisoners, when Karl Dresch, a Michigan man who was detained for “parading” with an American flag inside the Capitol, approached him and agreed to be interviewed.

Sessler began by asking Dresch about the vaccine coercion, which the newly released prisoner had apparently mentioned before camera started rolling.

“One of the things you said was that they wouldn’t let you get a shave or get a haircut unless you took the vaccine?” Sessler asked.

“Yes sir,” the bearded Dresch replied.

Click to read the full American Greatness article.


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