“It Was A Slap In The Face”: Top Brass Forced Marines To Erase Taunts Of ISIS And The Taliban Before Leaving Afghanistan


This sums up the difference between the two forces. One is commanded by people who are fastidious, woke, anxious not to offend, and politically correct, with military considerations decidedly secondary. The other is out for conquest. The reason why one force won and the other lost is clear here.

“‘It was a slap in the face’: Marines reveal US commanders forced them to wipe clean abusive messages they had left for the Taliban and ISIS-K at Kabul airport just days after blast that killed 13 US troops,” by Tommy Taylor, DailyMail.com, September 29, 2021 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

A US Marine has shared his dismay at being forced to remove obscene messages insulting the Taliban and ISIS that they daubed on the walls of Kabul Airport.

Three examples of the insults were shared to social media – with one showing a serviceman in front of a tiled wall at Hamid Karzai Airport sprayed with the phrase ‘F*** ISIS + Taliban’ in black paint, as well as an image of a penis and testicles sprayed in purple.

Another photo showed 12 troops with guns in front of an outdoor concrete barrier which had been sprayed with ‘F*** ISIS, AFG 2021’.

And a third showed three troops stood outside toting a cardboard sign saying ‘F**k the Taliban.’

But an unnamed Marine stationed at Hamid Karzai said the graffiti painted on walls was removed at the orders of bosses, saying: ‘My boys had to go … pick up every last piece of … trash for who? The Taliban?’ a Marine told the Washington Post. ‘It was a slap in the face to us.’

That order was part of an edict which also saw troops ordered to pick up trash they’d strewn around the airport to frustrate the Taliban’s takeover.

Marine spokesman First Lt. Jack Coppola said that the cleanup was enforced to prevent delaying any flights leaving the airport.

But it is unclear why the graffiti was also removed….

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