Intel Leak: China Planned Taiwan Invasion For Fall

  • Leaked Russian intel documents show China planned Taiwan invasion for the fall
  • The document was published by a human rights lawyer

Joe Biden’s weakness has emboldened America’s enemies.

Leaked Russia intelligence documents show that China prepared to invade Taiwan in the fall. It is unclear if they still will be doing it.

From Newsweek:

Taiwan’s top diplomat said he couldn’t speak on the authenticity of a purported Russian intelligence document that claimed Chinese President Xi Jinping had plans to annex the island nation this fall.

Joseph Wu, Taiwan’s minister of foreign affairs, said on Wednesday that his country would have to prepare regardless. “No matter if or when China decides to attack us, we must always be ready to defend ourselves,” he told reporters in Taipei.

The letter in question is part of a series published by France-based Russian dissident Vladimir Osechkin, a human rights lawyer who runs, a website documenting abuses in Russian jails. Osechkin claims to have received seven letters since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The FSB whistleblower has painted a detailed picture of fear and chaos inside Russia’s principal intelligence service, where apparently none but a select few were aware of Putin’s plans.

The whistleblower continued: “Not only that: Xi Jinping was at least tentatively considering the capture of Taiwan in the autumn—he needs his own small victory in order to be re-elected for a third term—there is a colossal power struggle among the [party] elite. Now, after the events in Ukraine, this window of opportunity has shut, which gives the United States the opportunity to both blackmail Xi and negotiate with his [political] rivals on favorable terms.”

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