Howard Stern Claims He Would Beat Trump In 2024

Howard Stern’s fall from grace continues. 

Stern continues to smear Trump and his supporters.

In his latest smear, he claimed that he could beat Trump if he ran for President in 2024.

From Fox News:

Longtime radio personality Howard Stern claimed on his Tuesday show that he would beat former President Trump’s “a–” if he ran against him for president in 2024.

While discussing the media coverage of his criticism of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers over his deceit about his coronavirus vaccination status, Stern suddenly declared that he should run for president.

“I saw this morning — I woke up, The Daily Mail front page, the TMZ — my comments about Aaron Rodgers were big news,” Stern told co-host Robin Quivers. “I think I’m going to run for president. I think I’m running the country.”

“If Trump decides to run again, you have to run against him,” Quivers said, to which Stern responded, “I’ll beat his a–.”

Stern added that in a debate he would just play a clip of Trump “trying to fix the election” over and over again, although it was unclear exactly what clip he was referring to.

“There’s no way I’d lose,” he said.


We would love to see Stern run…

…and lose.

What happened to the guy who at one point was fighting the system?

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