“Hopefully, The AG Will Have The Courage To Do What Has To Be Done”–Trump Speaks Out On AZ Audit

The media really didn’t like the results of the Arizona audit.

Instead of reporting the fraud that was found they claimed it showed “Biden won.”

Arizona AG Mark Brnovich released a statement after the audit promising to take “all necessary actions.”

WOW: AZ AG Releases Statement On AZ Audit–Vows To Take “All Necessary Actions”

Now, we have this.

During an interview with Amber Athey, Trump spoke out on the results of the audit.

He called on Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to have the courage “to do what has to be done.”

From Spectator: 

AA:Let me ask you about the Arizona audit, because when the results came out, you saw a lot of the mainstream media say that it was actually beneficial to Joe Biden. What was your read on the audit?

DT: Well, as you know, it was a great audit from the standpoint of us. It had findings at the end and there were a lot of them, I think, 12 or something like that. And you’re talking about tens of thousands of votes and far more than we needed to win. And the findings were incredible and how they could have reported that report as a positive is just mind boggling. The media in this country is totally corrupt. People don’t believe in it anymore. They took a report which had findings. The findings were at the end and they were accurately reported. They were reported very plainly and [the media] didn’t go with it. They just made up the scenario and the [Arizona] Senate that did the report, they can’t even believe it. They can’t believe the way that was reported. And hopefully, the Attorney General will have the courage to do what has to be done. But that, as you probably know, based on this question, you probably looked at that report, and some of the findings at the end. But those findings were brutal to a fair election because it shows that the election was terribly fraught with fraud and other things.

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