HERE WE GO: US Warning Europe Russia Might Invade Ukraine

The weakness of the Biden administration is putting the globe at risk. 

They are now warning European allies that Russia is weighing invading Ukraine.

The US has not yet shared the intel with European allies.

From Bloomberg:

The U.S. is raising the alarm with European Union allies that Russia may be weighing a potential invasion of Ukraine as tensions flare between Moscow and the bloc over migrants and energy supplies.

With Washington closely monitoring a buildup of Russian forces near the Ukrainian border, U.S. officials have briefed EU counterparts on their concerns over a possible military operation, according to multiple people familiar with the matter.

The assessments are believed to be based on information the U.S. hasn’t yet shared with European governments, which would have to happen before any decision is made on a collective response, the people said. They’re backed up by publicly-available evidence, according to officials familiar with the administration’s thinking.

Russia says military deployments on its territory are an internal matter and it denies any aggressive intentions, while accusing the U.S. of provocation by sailing warships in the Black Sea close to its territory this week.

GOP Reps are already trying to get US troops involved.

From Fox News:

In a letter to the president, led by the top Republican on the committee Rep. Mike Rogers and the top Republican on the Subcommittee on Strategic Forces, Rep. Mike Turner, they urged the administration to “take immediate and swift action to provide support to Ukraine in the form of intelligence and weapons.”

“We also urge your administration to deploy a U.S. military presence in the Black Sea to deter a Russian invasion,” they wrote, adding that Russia’s behavior “is becoming more aggressive” and “has intensified rhetoric critical of Ukraine on topics ranging from Ukraine’s military modernization and military partnerships to Ukraine’s admission into NATO.”

“Although Russia’s intentions are uncertain, the presence of Russia’s elite 1st Guard Tanks Army lends credibility to concerns that Russia is planning additional incursions into Ukraine territory,” they wrote.

“Your administration cannot ignore Russia’s continued threat to international law and Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty,” they added.

Tucker debated one Rep last night:

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