HERE WE GO: Pro-Censorship Whistleblower Meeting With Facebook Oversight Board

The Deep State has struck again.

They paraded a radical left whistleblower out to try and bully Facebook into more censorship.

Rather than exposing Big Tech for election rigging, she was saying they weren’t doing enough censoring.

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Shortly after she came forward it was announced she was meeting with the Jan 6th committee to further their sham witch hunt:

Facebook “Whistleblower” Meeting With Jan 6th Committee–“Are You Paying Attention Yet?”

Now, we have this.

She will be meeting with Facebook’s oversight board.

From ABC News:

The former Facebook employee who testified before lawmakers last week will now address her concerns with Facebook’s Oversight Board.

“In light of the serious claims made about Facebook by Ms. Haugen, we have extended an invitation for her to speak to the Board over the coming weeks, which she has accepted,” the board said in a statement Monday. “Board members appreciate the chance to discuss Ms. Haugen’s experiences and gather information that can help push for greater transparency and accountability from Facebook through our case decisions and recommendations.”

The Oversight Board teased that “scrutinizing cross-check” will be among the issues discussed with Haugen. Further details on the upcoming meetings with Haugen were not immediately disclosed Monday.

“As the Board shared in September, we are currently looking into whether Facebook has been fully forthcoming in its responses on its ‘cross-check’ system and will share our analysis in our first release of quarterly transparency reports later this month,” the panel said in a statement. “Facebook has also said it will ask the Board to review how cross-check can be improved and to offer recommendations.”

You can bet more censorship is to come….

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