Here Are All The Police Officers Killed In The Line Of Duty Since Calls To ‘Defund The Police’ Began

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Since the killing of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, and the emergence of the “Defund the Police” movement, violence against police officers has increased.

As of July 31, 44 officers have been feloniously killed in 2021, a 41.9% increase over the same period in 2020 according to data from the FBI. Since George Floyd’s killing, 130 police officers in total have been killed in the line of duty, as of Aug. 10.

Here is the complete list of all officers killed since May 25, 2020, using information from the Officer Down Memorial Page.

Officers Killed In The Line Of Duty

Officer Cody Holte was shot and killed on May 27, 2020, while serving an eviction notice in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Officer Nathan Lyday was shot and killed while responding to a domestic disturbance on May 28, 2020, in Ogden, Utah.

Dep. Constable Caleb Rule was mistaken for a suspect and killed while responding to a suspicious person call in Sienna Plantation, Texas, on May 29, 2020.

Lt. Stephen Williams was shot in Moody, Alabama, while responding to a service call on June 2, 2020.

Officer Scott Hutton was inadvertently shot and killed by another officer on June 3, 2020, in Alexander, Arkansas.

Sheriff Andrew Clark of DeKalb County, Georgia, was killed during a car crash on June 3, 2020.

Dep. Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller of the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office in California was shot to death while responding to reports of a suspicious vehicle on June 6, 2020.

Animal Control Officer Darrian Young died on June 5, 2020, after being hit by a drunk driver in Monroe County, Michigan.

Dep. Sheriff James Blair was shot and killed by a psychiatric patient in Mendenhall, Mississippi, on June 12, 2020.

Officer Dale Provins died on June 13, 2020, from injuries sustained during a car crash in Pittsburgh.

Officer Destin Legieza died during a car crash in Brentwood, Tennessee, on June 18, 2020.

Corrections Officer Richard Bianchi died on June 25, 2020, during a car crash near Redding, California.

Sgt. Craig Johnson died on June 30, 2020, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after being shot while conducting a traffic stop.

Officer Jason Judd died during a motorcycle crash on July 1, 2020 in Peoria, Arizona.

Officer Anthony Dia of Toledo, Ohio, was shot and killed by a drunk man at a hardware store on July 4, 2020.

Officer Edelmiro Garza was shot to death on July 11, 2020, while responding to a domestic disturbance in McAllen, Texas.

Officer Ismael Chavez was also shot to death on July 11, 2020, while responding to the domestic disturbance in McAllen, Texas.

Sheriff’s Cadet Cornelius Anderson died of heatstroke on July 12, 20

20, in Harris County, Texas.

Officer Jonathan Shoop of Bothell, Washington, was shot and killed during a car chase on July 13, 2020.

Dep. Sheriff William Garner was killed by a vehicle while attending to a car crash in Franklin County, Georgia, on July 19, 2020.

Dep. Sheriff Dylan Pickle was hit by a car while at a safety checkpoint on July 25, 2020, in Monroe County, Mississippi.

Special Agent John Bost of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) was accidentally shot and killed in Maui, Hawaii, on July 28, 2020.

Michigan State Trooper Caleb Starr died on July 31, 2020, after being hit by a drunk driver in Ionia County, Michigan.

Officer Sheena Yarbrough-Poweel was killed by a drunk driver in Beaumont, Texas, on Aug. 9, 2020.

Park Ranger Brendan Unitt drowned on Aug. 20, 2020, while trying to rescue a park visitor in Horsetooth Reservoir in Colorado.

Officer Bryan Brown was shot and killed on Aug. 27, 2020, while attempting to apprehend an armed driver in tribal lands in Arizona.

Officer Tamarris Bohannon died on Aug. 30, 2020, after being shot during an ambush the previous day in St. Louis.

Cpl. Bryant Searcy of Wayne County, Michigan, died after being assaulted by a prisoner on Sept. 2, 2020.

Capt. Stanley Elrod was hit and killed by a drunk driver in Madison County, Georgia, on Sept. 3, 2020.

Detective James Skernivitz was shot and killed while working undercover in Cleveland, Ohio, on Sept. 3, 2020.

Officer Sean Peek died of an unknown illness on Sept. 6, 2020, in Bridgeton, New Jersey, after trying to save a fleeing suspect who had jumped into a river.

Investigator Mario Herrera died on Sept. 7, 2020, after being shot while serving a warrant in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Dep. Sheriff Ryan Hendrix was shot and killed in Henderson County, North Carolina, while responding to an auto burglary on Sept. 10, 2020.

Sgt. Ethan Kaskin died during a car crash in Anderson County, South Carolina, on Sept. 25, 2020.

Dep. Sheriff Kenny Ingram of Fulton County was killed during a vehicle crash on Sept. 29, 2020.

Dep. Sheriff Anthony White of Fulton County was also killed during the vehicle crash on Sept. 29, 2020.

Officer Jacob Hancher of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, was shot and killed while responding to a domestic disturbance on Oct. 3, 2020.

Detective Kevin Collins was shot and killed on Oct. 5, 2020, in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, while responding to a call at a hotel.

Detective Curt Holland was killed by a drunk driver in Commerce City, Colorado, on Oct. 16, 2020.

Sgt. Conley Jumper died after being struck by a vehicle on Oct. 20, 2020, in Greenville County, South Carolina.

Sgt. Harold Preston was shot and killed in Houston after responding to a domestic disturbance on Oct. 20, 2020.

Cpl. Dep. Adam McMillan of Hamilton County, Ohio, died on Oct. 23, 2020, after a bus hit his vehicle on Oct. 8.

Dep. Cpl. Daniel Abramovitz died during a car crash on Oct. 30, 2020, in Leavenworth County, Kansas.

Officer Marshall Waters of Mangham, Louisiana, died on Nov. 5, 2020, after being shot during a traffic stop.

Sgt. Sean Rios was shot and killed by a gunman in a vehicle in Houston on Nov. 9, 2020.

Officer Travis Wallace was shot and killed while trying to arrest a shooting suspect on Nov. 12, 2020, in Helena, Arkansas.

Officer Charlie Cortez drowned in Puget Sound, Washington, on Nov. 17, 2020, while rescuing a boater.

Dep. Sheriff Jared Allison died on Dec. 1, 2020, after being struck by a car in Nash County, North Carolina.

Officer Andy Ornelas died on Dec. 2, 2020, from injuries suffered in a motorcycle crash in Palmdale, California.

Officer Cassie Johnson died on Dec. 3, 2020, after being shot two days prior while dealing with a parking incident.

Officer Tyler Herndon was shot and killed while attempting to stop a burglary in Mount Holly, North Carolina, on Dec. 11, 2020.

Officer Jason Shuping was shot and killed while stopping a carjacking on Dec. 16, 2020, in Concord, North Carolina.

Sgt. Gordon Best died during a vehicle crash on Jan. 1 in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Sgt. Daniel Mobley died on Jan. 2 after being hit by a vehicle in DeKalb County, Georgia.

Dep. Sheriff Jonathan Price died in a car crash on Jan. 6 in Marion County, South Carolina.

Officer Brian Sicknick died from a stroke on Jan. 7 in Washington, D.C., after encountering rioters the previous day.

Sheriff’s Cpl. Brian LaVigne died after a man intentionally rammed his patrol car on Jan. 11 in Hillsborough County, Florida.

LCpl. Melton Gore was killed by a vehicle on Jan. 12 in Horry County, South Carolina.

Officer Joseph Montgomery died in a motorcycle crash on Jan. 14 in Tempe, Arizona.

Cpl. Christine Peters died on Jan. 14 after being hit by a car in Greenbelt, Maryland.

Dep. Sheriff Adam Gibson was shot and killed while chasing after a suspect in Sacramento, California, on Jan. 18.

Officer Brandon Stalker of Toledo, Ohio was shot and killed on Jan. 18 while trying to apprehend an arson suspect.

Lt. Michael Boutte of Hancock County, Mississippi, was shot and killed after responding to an attempted suicide on Feb. 1.

FBI Special Agent Laura Schwartzenberger was shot while serving a warrant in Sunrise, Florida, on Feb. 2.

FBI Special Agent Daniel Alfin was also shot while serving a warrant in Sunrise, Florida, on Feb. 2.

Officer Darian Jarrott was shot and killed during a traffic stop on Feb. 4 in Luna County, New Mexico.

Officer Mitchell Penton died after being hit by a drunk driver in Dallas, Texas, on Feb. 13.

Dep. Sheriff Michael Magli died after being hit by a drunk driver on Feb. 17 in Pinellas County, Florida.

Officer Horacio Dominguez died in a vehicle crash on Feb. 21 in Collier County, Florida.

Lt. Eugene Lasco died in Michigan City, Indiana, after being stabbed by an Indiana State Prison inmate on Feb. 21.

Dep. Sheriff Thomas Albanese died in a motorcycle crash in Los Angeles on Feb. 25.

Reserve Dep. Constable Martinus Mitchum was shot and killed in New Orleans while attending to a disturbance at a basketball game on Feb. 26.

Officer Dominic Winum was shot and killed during a traffic stop on Feb. 26 in Stanley, Virginia.

Capt. Justin Bedwell died on March 1 after being shot during a car chase in Decatur County, Georgia.

Officer Jose Anzora died on March 3 after being hit by a vehicle in Los Angeles.

Officer Jesse Madsen of Tampa, Florida, was killed in a vehicle collision on March 9.

Border Patrol Agent Alejandro Flores-Banuelos died on March 15 in Salton City, California, after being hit by a vehicle.

Officer Eric Talley was shot and killed during a mass shooting at a grocery store on March 22 in Boulder, Colorado.

Correctional Officer Robert McFarland was beaten to death by inmates at Anamosa State Penitentiary on March 23 in Anamosa, Iowa.

Illinois State Senior Master Trooper Todd Hanneken died on March 25 during a collision in Bondville, Illinois.

Cpl. Kyle Davis died following a struggle with an inmate on March 25 in Washington County, Oklahoma.

Texas State Trooper Chad Walker died on March 31 after being shot during an ambush near Mexia, Texas.

Reserve Dep. Sheriff James Driver of Monroe County, Indiana, was hit and killed by a vehicle on March 29.

Officer William Evans was killed on April 2 in Washington, D.C., by a driver trying to breach a barricade at the U.S. Capitol.

Lt. James Kouski was killed by a vehicle on April 3 in Hometown, Illinois.

Officer Brent Hall died during a vehicle accident on April 3 in Clinton, North Carolina.

Dep. Sheriff Christopher Knight was stabbed to death in Bibb County, Georgia, on April 6.

Sgt. James Smith was shot and killed in Grundy Center, Iowa, on April 9 during a traffic stop.

Dep. Sheriff Pat Barnes died during a car accident on April 10 in Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi.

Officer Anastasios Tsakos was killed by a drunk driver on April 27 in New York City.

Cpl. Keith Heacock died on April 28 after a suspect stomped on his head in Delmar, Delaware.

Sgt. Chris Ward was shot and killed while performing a welfare check in Watauga County, North Carolina, on April 28.

Dep. Sheriff Logan Fox was also shot and killed while performing a welfare check in Watauga County, North Carolina, on April 28.

Officer Christopher Farrar was hit by a vehicle during a car chase in Chandler, Arizona, on April 30.

Detective Luca Benedetti was shot and killed on May 10 in San Luis Obispo, California, while serving a search warrant.

Dep. Sheriff Samuel Leonard was shot and killed on May 10 in Eden, Texas, while responding to a call about a dog.

Sgt. Stephen Jones was also shot and killed on May 10 in Eden, Texas, while responding to a call about a dog.

Officer Jimmy Inn was shot and killed in Stockton, California, while responding to a domestic violence call on May 11.

Officer Chris Oberheim was shot to death on May 19 in Champaign, Illinois, while responding to a domestic violence call.

Officer Jeremy Brinton died on May 21 after being hit by a vehicle in Nogales, Arizona.

Cpl. Thomas Frazier died during a car crash in Artesia, New Mexico, on May 21.

Officer Scotty Triplett died during a motorcycle crash in Memphis, Tennessee, on May 22.

Conservation Officer Sarah Grell died during a car crash on May 24 in Itasca County, Minnesota.

Trooper John Harris of Madison County, Mississippi, died after being hit by a vehicle on May 28.

Officer Ginarro New died during a car crash in Phoenix on May 31.

Sgt. Dominic Vaca was shot and killed during a motorcycle chase in Yucca Valley, California, on May 31.

Detective Ryan Park died during a car crash in San Ysidro, California, on June 4.

Detective Jamie Huntley-Park also died during a car crash in San Ysidro, California, on June 4.

Officer Emmanuel Familia drowned while trying to rescue a child in Worcester, Massachusetts, on June 4.

Dep. Sheriff William Smith drowned while trying to rescue three swimmers off the coast of Baldwin County, Alabama, on June 6.

Officer Alexandra Harris was hit and killed by a car on June 13 in Seattle, Washington.

Officer Joseph Burson was killed after being dragged by a vehicle on June 16 in Holly Springs, Georgia.

Officer Gordon Beesley was shot and killed on June 21 in Arvada, Colorado, while checking an area for a suspicious person.

Officer Kevin Apple was killed by a vehicle in Pea Ridge, Arkansas, on June 26.

Dep. Sheriff Anthony Redondo died during a car crash in Imperial County, California, on June 26.

Detective Greg Ferency was shot and killed in Terre Haute, Indiana, on July 7 after a suspect threw a Molotov cocktail at the building Ferency was in.

Dep. William Collins was shot and killed on July 9 while responding to a domestic disturbance in Doyline, Louisiana.

Sgt. Josh Bartlett was shot and killed in Lubbock County, Texas, on July 15 during a standoff with a reckless driver.

Sgt. Jeremy Brown was shot and killed in Clark County, Washington, on July 23 while surveilling an apartment complex.

Dep. Sheriff Phillip Campas was shot and killed in Kern County, California, on July 25 after responding to a shooting.

Officer Marquis Moorer was ambushed and shot to death on July 27 in Selma, Alabama.

Officer Ryan Bialke was shot and killed while responding to an attempted suicide on Red Lake Nation land in Minnesota on July 27.

Trooper Micah May of the Nevada Highway Patrol was killed by a vehicle in Las Vegas on July 29.

Border Patrol Agent Daniel Cox died during a car cash near Sells, Arizona, on July 31.

Officer Andy Traylor died during a car crash on July 31 in Austin, Texas.

Officer Scott Dawley died during a car crash on Aug. 3 in Nelsonville, Ohio.

Officer George Gonzalez was stabbed to death at the Pentagon Transit Center in Arlington, Virginia, on Aug. 3.

Officer Brian Pierce was killed by a fleeing suspect’s vehicle on Aug. 4 in Brooklyn, Illinois.

Dep. Sheriff Brandon Shirley was ambushed and shot to death in Jefferson County, Kentucky, on Aug. 5.

Officer Ella French was shot and killed in Chicago during a traffic stop on Aug. 7.

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