Here Are The 17 Republicans Who Sided With Dems And Voted For Debate On Infrastructure Bill

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It begins.

17 Republicans just voted for debate on the Dems’ Infrastructure Bill.

From NBC:

The 17 Republicans who joined all 50 Democrats were: Portman; McConnell; Roy Blunt, of Missouri; Richard Burr, of North Carolina; Shelly Moore Capito, of West Virginia; Bill Cassidy, of Louisiana; Susan Collins, of Maine; Kevin Cramer, of North Dakota; Mike Crapo, of Idaho; Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina; Chuck Grassley, of Iowa; John Hoeven, of North Dakota; Lisa Murkowski, of Alaska; James Risch, of Idaho; Mitt Romney, of Utah; Thom Tillis, of North Carolina; and Todd Young, of Indiana

Trump issued a warning about this infrastructure deal.


Trump just released a warning to Republicans over Biden’s Infrastructure deal. 

Trump told Republicans not to cave on the Tax Plan he signed while in office.

He also told RINO republicans to stop negotiating with Democrats on Infrastructure.

Trump points out that Democrats are going to use the GOP to fund their radical left agenda.


Democrats never worked with Trump throughout his four years.

There is no reason for the GOP to bend to the far-left.

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