Hawley: Pelosi Using Jan 6th To Restrict 1st And 2nd Amendment Rights

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This is a must-watch interview.

While on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Senator Josh Hawley(R-MO) said he is worried that Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi(D-CA) is using the Capitol Riot to restrict American’s First and Second Amendment rights.

From Breitbart:

“But I’m concerned about what they’re laying the groundwork for here, what Nancy Pelosi is doing,” he continued. “I’m concerned that they continue to treat the January 6 catastrophe, that criminal riot as an excuse to seize power, to control more power, to step on people’s Second Amendment rights to take away their First Amendment rights.” Now, we’re hearing about a domestic war on terror. I mean, what’s that going to be? An excuse to go rifle through the e-mails and bank statements and personal messages of law-abiding Americans? I mean, this is very, very frightening stuff. And what Pelosi and the Democrats are doing here trying to consolidate power, it’s dangerous.”

Josh Hawley is right.

Democrats and the Mainstream Media have used the Capitol Riot to push their agenda through.

Let’s look at a few things they have done since the Capitol riot.

-Ramped up Social Media Censorship. Even banning Trump off all platforms.

-Got Parler kicked off their Webhosting service.

-Ruthlessly attacked anyone who questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election.

-Tried to bar Trump from being able to run for office again.

-Tried to kick out GOP Senators and Reps who contested election results.

These are just a few.

Do you see what is happening?

Of course, as Devin Nunes pointed out Pelosi also bears some responsibility due to the fact it was so unprotected the day of the riot:

Nunes: Pelosi Should Take Responsibility For Capitol Riot

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