“Greatest President Since Abraham Lincoln” – Roger Stone Praises Trump After Pardon

Recently pardoned Roger Stone went on Tucker Carlson Tonight to talk about his pardon.

Roger Stone thanked President Trump and called him the greatest President since Abraham Lincoln.

There is a lot in this interview. The biggest part to take away is that these were political prosecutions. The only reason they had any interest in Stone or Manafort going to jail was because they were allies of President Trump.

Stone seems like a no-brainer. Stone was obviously set up. Like Stone said they wanted him to flip on President Trump. They threatened to put him in jail for basically the rest of his life so that he would lie that Trump colluded with Russia. Never happened of course. But they tried. Stone deserved.

Paul Manafort is trickier. Paul Manafort did commit financial crimes and many Conservatives have pointed out that he was in fact, a criminal. However, even he deserved this pardon. What Paul Manafort did was wrong but so were those who put him in jail. They weren’t interested in finding out what real crimes happened. They were interested in putting him in jail. Due to this, it is impossible to conclude Paul Manafort got a fair shake.

The bottom line is that the only reason either of these men went to jail was because they supported Donald Trump. That is enough for a pardon.

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