GREAT: Nevada GOP Censures Secretary Of State For Not Taking On Voter Fraud

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The Nevada GOP censured Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske.

The vote was 126-112.

They censured her over the fact she didn’t stand up to voter fraud.

From AP:

Nevada’s Republican Party voted to censure the secretary of state, accusing her of failing to fully investigate allegations of fraud in the 2020 election. She says there was no widespread fraud and that her own party is attacking her for refusing to “put my thumb on the scale of democracy.”


A GOP official who was unauthorized to speak publicly confirmed to The Associated Press that the measure passed on a 126-112 vote by the party’s governing members at a meeting in the state capital, Carson City.

Jessica Hanson, the executive director of the state GOP, sent a statement from the party noting that the censure vote on Saturday “passed narrowly” and said it occurred following “a healthy debate” over the election.

“The Nevada Republican Party holds our elected officials to a high standard. As such, this weekend the party sent a clear message that our officials must work for the people and we demand that our representatives at all levels of government uphold their Oath of Office,” the party said.

We have reported on the widespread fraud that took place in Nevada:

The Nevada GOP had 20 binders full of voter fraud evidence

Nevada GOP Has 20 Binders Full Of Voter Fraud Evidence

Over 1500 dead voters voted:

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Over 40K People Voted Twice In Nevada: 

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Affidavit: Historically Strange Rise In Incomplete Voter Registrations In Nevada:

Affidavit: Historically Strange Rise In Incomplete Voter Registrations In Nevada

Good on the Nevada GOP!

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