GOP Rep Who Investigated Jan 6th Gives Bad News To Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi has spent all of her time trying to blame President Donald Trump for January 6th. This is despite his calls for peace on that day before any riot took place.

She even started a panel whose entire goal is to find a way to blame President Donald Trump for the riot.

One Congressman actually decided to look into the event objectively – it isn’t good news for Nancy Pelosi.

GOP Rep Rodney Davis has exposed that Pelosi is responsible for the lapses in security that day. Her team denied the National Guard.

From Just The News:

ARepublican congressman who spent months investigating U.S. Capitol security after the Jan. 6 riot said Wednesday that former President Donald Trump “is not to blame” for the violence that occurred that day and warned Democrats’ politicization of upcoming hearings have harmed the ability of Congress to improve security after the harrowing episode.

Davis noted Democrats hoping to portray Trump as the instigator of violence on Jan. 6 have a problem with their evidence: Trump took steps to try to protect the Capitol before the riot, such as having his Pentagon offer National Guard troops to Capitol Police on Jan. 2, 2021, and signing an order on Jan. 4 to deploy 20,000 Guardsmen if requested by Congress.

Capitol Police rejected the first offer of troops, documents show, and then when then-Police Chief Steve Sund decided he wanted the troops a few days later he was turned down by the House sergeant at arms because of concerns about the “optics” of having troops in the Capitol, Davis noted.

Davis said Pelosi’s efforts to distance herself from rejecting the National Guard request or pretend she didn’t have a say on the security that failed on Jan. 6 were “demonstrably false.”

“The Speaker and her team through testimony that we’ve seen in investigations that were done by the Senate, by the Senate Rules Committee immediately after Jan. 6, the speaker and her team, we have evidence that they controlled the security-making decisions here on the Capitol Complex, long before Jan. 6,” he said.

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