GOP Rep Vows Probe Into Hunter Biden If GOP Takes Back The House

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The Biden family is corrupt. They do nothing for the American people. Everything they do is to enrich the Biden family.

Here is how it works.

Biden gets into a position of power. Biden uses that position of power to get another member of the family put into a lucrative position.

The money is then divided up among the family members.

We all remember “10% for the big guy.”

It is time for a real investigation into this.

Rep. Mo Brooks(R-AL) vowed that he would get a real investigation done into Hunter Biden if the GOP retakes the House.

As it stands now Democrats would block any attempt to investigate Hunter Biden.

From Breitbart:

Brooks pledged to call for an investigation into Hunter Biden should he be elected to the U.S. Senate next year.

“[H]unter Biden is selling that so-called art for tens of thousands of dollars,” Brooks said. “And keep in mind, he’s already been plagued with past ethical lapses where he traded off his father’s name when he was vice president of the United States, perhaps even when he was Senator in the United States Senate. And those kinds of ethical lapses where he puts his own personal pocketbook ahead of the United States of America — those things need to be examined. Now, unfortunately, we can’t do it right now because the House is controlled by Nancy Pelosi. She is not going to allow a committee to have an investigative hearing on that. Neither are they going to allow that in the Senate where Chuck Schumer is in control.”

“But I can promise you this: If we take control of the United States Senate, and I’m cautiously optimistic we’re going to, and I can get on the committee or perhaps chairman of the subcommittee that would handle this type of investigation, I’m going to call for an investigation of Hunter Biden, and there needs to be some light shed on the nepotism on the one hand, or the unethical conduct or the unjust enrichment on the other hand, where he seems to be marketing access to the Biden family via the sale of art that is not worth very much that he is getting paid tens of thousands of dollars for it,” he added.

Back in July, Rudy Giuliani said that Hunter Biden could be convicted of at least 10-12 crimes right now.

Giuliani: 10-12 Convictable Crimes Of Hunter Biden Right Now

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