GOP Rep Drops A Truth Bomb Over Migrant Caravan/Baby Formula Shortage

A massive migrant caravan is heading to the United States.

Up to 15,000 migrants may end up joining the caravan making it the biggest ever.

Massive Migrant Caravan Heading To The Border – Could Be The Biggest Ever!

Rep. Kat Cammack joined Newsmax to speak out on this.

She said that the Biden administration knew a caravan was coming and that they have held the formula at the border in preparation. This is while a baby formula shortage in the United States was taking place.

From Newsmax:

The congresswoman last month revealed photographs of baby formula, diapers, and other supplies being stocked at facilities at the nation’s border, for use for immigrants, and she said Monday those supplies are still there, while American families are having to do without.

“Of course, we have another caravan coming,” she said. “They have been planning this and holding this formula for months. I talked to a pediatrician over the weekend and she said that she is advising moms that can switch over to milk. If they are able to … that’s where we are right now.”

The Palmieri Report previously reported on baby formula being shipped to migrant holding facilities.

Biden Admin Shipping Baby Formula To Migrant Holding Facilities Amid Baby Formula Shortage

The left attempted to lie about what Conservatives were saying. Conservatives aren’t upset that children in these facilities are getting formula.

Conservatives are mad that the Biden administration has broken the United States border and has now made life worse for everyday Americans as well as the migrants.

Open borders are only good for the Cartels.

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