GOP Rep: COVID Vax Mandate Might Cripple National Guard

GOP Rep Michael Waltz wrote an editorial for Fox News exposing how the Biden administration’s COVID vaccine mandate is going to cripple the National Guard.

Around 60,000 National Guard and Reserves remain unvaccinated.

From Fox News:

Whether it’s enforcing a vaccine mandate on our troops, the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, or the increased woke indoctrination through mandatory seminars and training, our military is being depleted.

Couple our recruiting struggles with China’s massive military buildup and Russia’s continued warpath in Ukraine, our national security can’t risk not having the personnel ready to fight the next war or take on an emergency here at home.

While the Biden administration mulls its decision, Guardsmen and reservists are not allowed to participate in training exercise or war games. This greatly reduces their fighting capacity should National Guard units need to activate for combat overseas or a natural disaster. We pride ourselves on having the best trained warfighters in the world and keeping them at home only makes us less prepared for our next military undertaking or large-scale domestic crisis.

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